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Clean Speculative Fiction with Adventure and Romance

Fairytale Romance

Love’s Enchanted Tales

Romantic fantasy retellings of classic fairytales and myths come to life in this new series of interconnected stand-alone stories.

Selkie’s Song


A selkie’s song can enchant a man and tame the sea . . .

Naia’s unusual love for human things led her to become the sole artisan in her clan. But when this passion leads to her abduction, she loses more than contact with the sea when her pelt is taken. Unable to shift forms or return to the sea without it, she knows she will die if she cannot recover the pelt soon. Cut off from her family, Naia must appease the human king while persuading his lovesick son to honor past arrangements.

Malik has loved and lost before, an experience leading him to shy away from love. When Naia is stranded, however, he risks everything to find her. Together they uncover a plot that would sweep up humans and selkies alike in a war that would destroy the Five Kingdoms and possibly all of Sonera.

When the enemy acts, can they save sea and land . . . and each other?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, The Little Mermaid

$2.99 on Amazon.

The Storyteller’s Dragon

The Storyteller's Dragon_Ebook

What happens when your savior needs saving?

In the wake of unthinkable tragedy, Marissa Smith receives an unexpected offer. Marriage to a lord, one whom she knows only through his beautiful letters. Left with nothing save the clothes on her back and her storyteller’s tent, Marissa accepts the offer only to discover her new husband hides a deadly secret.

Forced into hiding in the aftermath of a bloody war between dragons and the humans of the Five Kingdoms, Alastair unexpectedly finds love with the village storyteller. The chance to help her was one he could not pass up. When she uncovers his true nature as a dragon, however, he fears that he will lose far more than his current hideaway.

When Alastair is captured and slated for execution, will Marissa dare to save her dragon?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, East of the Sun, West of the Moon

$3.99 on Amazon.


Masquerade_Ebook (1)

It is said that a dragon haunts the woods between Windsmoor and Tannin, a survivor of the dragon wars.

Lisette Marchand used to live a comfortable life as a merchant’s daughter. But when her father buys a baronet title and insists on uprooting their family to the northern estate of Windsmoor, she finds herself lost in the tenuous place between commoners and nobility. As she struggles to tend to the keep as well as her sick mother, Lisette stumbles across a secret. A dragon.

The villagers fear him. His curse a constant torment. Yet a merchant’s daughter refuses to be scared off. Merek knows better than to believe in love or a cure for his curse. He’s certain Lisette is only pretending.

But when enemies conspire against him, can anyone be trusted in this masquerade?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast

$3.99 on Amazon.

Cat’s Gambit


Trusting a talking cat was perhaps the most ridiculous thing she’d ever heard of . . .

Helena Sheppard always prided herself on keeping a level head. But when she gives up the flock of sheep meant to be her dowry to preserve her younger sister’s happiness, she accepts a cat to appease her family despite the impracticality. When the cat starts talking and insisting on an adventure, Helena finds her path taking rather unexpected turns.

Cursed by a dragoness nearly a century ago, Reed hasn’t spoken to a human in nearly as long. When Helena proves herself worthy, he grows determined to see the former shepherdess properly rewarded even if it means leading her to Carabas and encouraging her to accept the attentions of a nice knight.

But when they discover a dragon in Carabas, what will it cost to save the people and the kingdom?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, Puss in Boots

$3.99 on Amazon.



What happens when the sleeper wakes to a changed world?

In the aftermath of the dragon wars, Celena Geraint expects peace to return to the Kingdom of Aneirin. Instead, she is cursed by a dragoness to an enchanted sleep. When she wakes, a century has passed and everything she knew has vanished in a war of succession whose only hope for an end now lies in her hands.

He went on a quest to find the Sleeping Duchess, never expecting legend to come to life. Now Brand finds his plans of escaping the war-torn kingdom on hold for the sake of a woman with silver eyes. Staying by her side as she works to save their kingdom, he knows he can never reveal he feels more than protection toward the duchess.

Will she need to sacrifice her own chance at love to win the throne?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, Sleeping Beauty

$3.99 on Amazon.

Panther’s Bride


She wasn’t the bride he expected but she might be the only one who can free him.

When Keturah Kerrick’s older sister elopes on the day of her arranged marriage, Keturah finds herself bearing the weight of preserving the family honor. She is the one who must marry the Duke of Glenrowan. Rumor paints the man as a monster. Yet the more she comes to know the masked duke, the more she hopes for love.

After aiding the new queen take her throne, the Duke of Glenrowan made a bargain with her. Marry to protect his people from outside interference. Finding an appropriate match proves challenging even without revealing that he and his people are shifters. However, he fears his young bride will become an unwitting pawn in his enemies’ schemes. As rebellion brews within his own lands, the duke must place his trust in his substitute bride.

When a plot against the duke unfolds, will Keturah risk losing his love to save his life?

A fantasy retelling of the classic myth, Eros and Psyche

$3.99 on Amazon.

Gryphons’ Sister


The curse stole her voice, but breaking it may cost everything she holds dear.

Hidden in the northern mountains, Sybil longs for the day when their curse will be broken. Life with only gryphons as company is not easy. She knows that she is the key to returning her brothers to their human forms but doing so may be impossible. Then everything changes when she saves a stranger.

Damian is a hunted man. When he makes the mistake of trying to protect a mysterious and silent girl, his fate takes an unexpected turn. A foreigner, he’s lived on the run for years. As he grows closer to Sybil, he discovers she doesn’t need a voice to speak. However, he cannot forget his haunted past and the gryphons she claims as brothers are eager to see him gone.

With danger closing in on all sides, will Sybil be forced to sacrifice something greater than her voice?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, Six Swans 

$3.99 on Amazon.


Dancer_Kimberly Rogers_Ebook (1)

A desperate attempt to save a child demands sacrifice.

Imani Tanzer is the closest her young brother has to a mother. When he falls ill due to a vengeful dragoness, it seems almost impossible to save him. Yet when she hears rumors of a dragon healer, Imani risks seeking him out. The dragon gives her a sliver of hope—the curse can be transferred but she and her sisters must leave their family behind forever.

William left behind his painful past when he agreed to be the huntsman and companion to the golden dragon. When his master binds three sisters in service to him, the last thing William expected was to grow to care for the eldest, Imani. Yet as the years pass and the sisters perform their nightly dances, he finds himself loving from afar.

When the curse turns dark, will love be strong enough to save them all?

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses

$3.99 on Amazon.

Dragon’s Maid

Dragon's Maid_Ebook_Kimberly Rogers

A bargain with a dragon could change her life . . . or end it.

Forced to become an indentured servant to pay off her stepmother’s debts, Damaris lost all she knew. But when the merchant runs afoul of the powerful Earl of Silvermere, Damaris finds herself in a new role. That of cinder lass and kitchen maid. Until the night she discovers the earl is not who he appears to be . . . or human.

Tancred has lived among humans for ten years, watching the kingdoms’ turmoil and waiting to see if the dragons could return. When his newest servant uncovers his secret, he offers her a bargain. Become his companion and he will end her indenture. Damaris agrees but Tancred soon learns that adding her to his personal secrets may draw the ire of other dragons, including his own king. When Damaris falls victim to a vindictive curse, Tancred finds his loyalties divided.

In a kingdom on the brink of civil war, Damaris and Tancred will have to struggle against men and dragons alike to save not only the kingdom but their own lives.

A fantasy retelling of the classic fairytale, Cinderella

Preorder now on Amazon!

Urban Fantasy/Supernatural Romantic Thriller

Rogue Spotter Universe

Tiger’s Shadow: A Rogue Spotter Universe Story (The Therian Way Novellas #1)

TigersShadowFinal (1)


It’s not easy having an older brother.

It’s worse when your brother is General Baran, the paragon of the Therian Way. Madoc knows he can’t live up to his brother’s reputation. Desperate to prove himself on his own merit, he chases adventure and flirts with danger. But this time he might have bitten off more trouble than even a Tiger can handle.

Sometimes the only way out of the Tiger’s shadow is to rebel . . .

*Revised Edition as of May 2019

$2.99 on Amazon

Tiger’s Paw: A Rogue Spotter Universe Story (The Therian Way Novellas #2)


Tigers Paw_Second Edition_EBook

When secrecy is vital to survive, the Therian Way offers balance.

The Fringe, a militant group of discontented Therians, threaten to expose their race to Mankind. A disaster that would bring the entire paranormal community down on their people. It falls to General Baran to track down and remove the Fringe Nest before time runs out. When he is forced to work with an irreverent Leopardess, he suspects she is more than just an annoying distraction.

Who can he trust when the fate of his people lies in the Tiger’s paw?

Tiger’s Paw is part of a series of prequel novellas accompanying The Therian Way and is a part of the Rogue Spotter Universe. While it follows Tiger’s Shadow chronologically, this novella can be read a stand-alone.

*Revised Edition as of May 2019

$2.99 on Amazon

Leopard’s Heart: A Rogue Spotter Universe Novel (The Therian Way Book 1)

Leopard's Heart_EBOOK

An assassination attempt on the American president threatens to expose the existence of Therians to the Human world. Baran knows that the Fringe have become bold. In a race to find the next assassin before he strikes, Raina and Baran must travel from Washington D.C. to the Elven capital hidden in the Smokey Mountains.

Rising tensions between Therians who respect the centuries-old alliance with the Elves and Fringe sympathizers who clamor to sever all ties between the two peoples make the case and Baran’s relationship with Raina even more difficult to navigate. Circumstances have forced them together, but is it only duty that drives his actions? Does Raina’s heart belong to her old childhood sweetheart or is the Leopard’s heart still to be won?

Clean romance, action & adventure, and snarky humor come to life in The Therian Way, an urban fantasy supernatural romantic thriller series set in the Rogue Spotter universe.

*Revised Edition as of May 2019

$4.99 on Amazon

Wolf’s Path:A Rogue Spotter Universe Novel (The Therian Way Book 2)


WolfsPathFinalEbook (1)

Honeymoons are supposed to be relaxing, right?

Not when the honeymoon is just a cover for a hunt. Shapeshifters Baran and Raina are tasked with one of the most unusual hunts of either of their careers — capture the infamous Beast of Bray Road. The monster humans assume is just a legend has grown more aggressive, threatening to expose the Therian race if he is not stopped. A struggle to find the truth and to stop the aggressive loner before he kills awaits Baran and Raina as they follow the Wolf’s path.

$4.99 on Amazon

Tiger’s Strength:A Rogue Spotter Universe Novel (The Therian Way Book 3)


Family holidays are never easy, especially when Vampyres are on the hunt.

When Raina obligates Baran to spend Thanksgiving with his mother’s family, he isn’t looking forward to the trip. Old skeletons from the family’s past soon become the least of their worries, however, when a clutch of Vampyres makes their way into the New World. The vile creatures threaten not only the security of the Therian people but hundreds of innocent lives.

As Raina struggles to prevent family turmoil from driving a wedge between her and Baran, she soon learns that Maine may be home to the Tigers but a Half-Elven Leopardess is not welcome. Between Baran’s reckless younger brother and his own mother’s schemes to separate the two, this holiday is a disaster in the making. But when Vampyres target Baran’s family, he and Raina will have to push past grievances to end the threat.

But this challenge may prove too much even for the Tiger’s strength.

$4.99 on Amazon

Rogue Spotter

A fast-paced Supernatural Thriller with romance and humor set in an urban fantasy world

Threats by Numbers (Rogue Spotter Book 1)

ThreatsByNumbers_1_Kimberly Rogers (1)

Everyone has a number but only a few can see them. I’m one of those few. And now it might get me killed.

I’ve been in hiding all my life. Working as a secretary for a paranormal relocation and PR firm is quiet, simple, and above all filled with low numbers. But then I see a man who’s registering as a Ten — They aren’t supposed to exist. To make matters worse, he’s the firm’s new security specialist.

One incident changes everything. In protecting the firm, I’ve been exposed and now far bigger threats are closing in on me. Hunters who won’t stop until they’ve brought me down. I don’t know who to trust.

The most dangerous man I’ve ever met is offering protection. But trusting him might be the last thing I ever do.

$3.99 on Amazon

Flight by Numbers (Rogue Spotter Book 2) 

FlightByNumbers_2_Kimberly Rogers (1)

I put my trust in the most dangerous man alive. But going on the run with him might prove more deadly than what’s chasing me.

After a lifetime of hiding, I’ve been exposed and framed as a security threat by someone who runs Weard Enterprises, the most powerful security firm for paranormals and the rumored source of mercenaries. Everywhere I run, it seems higher numbers outnumber the low making it almost impossible to avoid detection. But there’s still only one Ten in my life…

Mathias has broken from Weard Enterprises and is helping me stay ahead of their hunters. But I can see something beneath his calm demeanor, something cold, and it wants out. As we race across Britain in an attempt to shake the hunters and reach a hiding place somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, I can’t help wondering — How long do I have before I’m running from Mathias too?

$3..99 on Amazon

Trials by Numbers (Rogue Spotter Book 3)

TrialsByNumbers_3_Kimberly Rogers (1)

Falling in love with a Ten wasn’t part of the plan. Now I’m the one who has to save the most dangerous man in the world.

I’ve been depending on Mathias, the only Ten I’ve ever known, to protect me while running from the hunters of Weard Enterprises. But something has changed in him, a cold fury threatens to overpower him, and it’s only grown worse the longer we’re together. His people are an ancient breed of fierce warriors whose fury birthed legends. And if something isn’t done, Mathias will be compelled to inflict a merciless justice on everyone in his path.

I know what I have to do. There’s only one chance to save Mathias and many other innocent lives…I need to complete the Trials of Achilles. From the ancient kingdom of Thrace and Troy to the heart of Greece, I must risk willingly venturing through the territories of dragon princes and centaurs among other powerful paranormals while still avoiding Weard’s hunters. If I fail, we’ll both die.

$3.99 on Amazon

Hunt by Numbers (Rogue Spotter Book 4)

HuntByNumbers_4_Kimberly Rogers_Ebook

I thought we were safe. Until I started hunting for answers to my past.

Just when it seemed like Mathias and I had slipped the noose set by Weard Enterprises, we are pulled back in. The things I don’t know about my parents and myself haunt me. But when I start searching for answers, I discover my past is much more complicated than I ever suspected.

Our journey to Italy turns from a reprieve to a new challenge. I might have the most dangerous man alive on my side but when my hunt for answers leads us into the circles of the most powerful paranormals in Rome, we might be in over our heads. Avoiding Weard’s hunters becomes far less challenging than the political games played by dragon princes and other Fae. This hunt could change everything I know but first Mathias needs to survive the Colosseum.

$3.99 on Amazon

Quests by Numbers (Rogue Spotter Book 5)

QuestsByNumbers_5_Kimberly Rogers_Ebook

Going on a quest to save the world from an ancient weapon will take more than a Ten. I need to learn how to be more than a Spotter.

I spent my life hiding from the world and avoiding the dangerous high numbers. Something that changed when I met Mathias, the only Ten in existence. I already put my life on the line to save his in Greece but this time, the quest is mine.

An ancient weapon created and wielded by the Spotters has come to the attention of Weard Enterprises. As the rumbles of war between Weard and the combined councils of dragon princes and Fae grow louder, Mathias and I must find the pieces to the Crown of Nimrod hidden somewhere in the Seven Wonders of the World. Time is short but it’s not only ancient traps between us and the crown. I need to find a way to control my burgeoning Jinn talent. Otherwise even a Ten might not be enough to get me out of this alive.

$3.99 on Amazon

Fight by Numbers (Rogue Spotter Book 6)

Cover and blurb coming soon!

The heart pounding conclusion to the Rogue Spotter series is estimated to arrive August 2019.


Science Fiction

The Pleiades Chronicles

Military sci-fi meets adventure with a touch of romance

Remember Typhon


As the head security officer on the TSS Cruiser Starstream, Commander Gavril’s well-ordered life has only two sources of disruption – communication expert Zenia and her cat. Much as he would love to jettison them both, he is forced to tolerate their presence.

Zenia does not understand why the only other Pleiades on the cruiser acts the way he does. Well, other than the fact that he is a warrior and they are hardly reasonable in the best circumstances.

When Zenia uncovers a distress call on the planet Typhon, Gavril is forced to take her along for the rescue mission. However, when things go wrong, the proud commander finds his life held in the hands of none other than Zenia. When Typhon is remembered, will everyone survive?

$0.99 on Amazon

Regency Romance

Christmas Aria


England 1814

Aria Parkhurst, Countess of Brenton, has made the match of the Season. Now all she wants is to have the perfect Christmas with her new husband. However, when the newlyweds arrive at their country estate to find that the Earl’s obnoxious cousin has made himself at home, Aria finds herself drawn into the webs of gossip and scandal that delight the ton. And, when a former suitor sets his eyes on her as a prize, will the Earl believe that she married him for love and not money? Or will Aria’s first Christmas as a bride see her dreams unravel?

$2.99 on Amazon

*Note: All Cover Designs copyrighted to Rossano Designs

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